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Get your favourite pieces from our current annual collections

Change when you like

We love our products so much, we will take them back from you when you feel like changing them, whether it's today, or 20 years from now

Get Prava credits

Get Prava credits for the products we take back from you

Redeem your credits

Use your Prava credits to bring home brand new products from our latest collections

Assured Buy Back Guarantee

Here's how many credits you get when we take the products back from you:



0 - 3 years
50% of purchase price
3 years onwards
25% of purchase price

Key Terms

Available only on eligible Prava products.

All furniture products, except for mattresses, are eligible for the Freedom Circle.The eligibility shall also be mentioned on individual product pages on the website and/or mobile app.

Prava credits shall be issued against purchase price without tax.

1 Prava credit is equals to ₹1 for redemption.

The Freedom Circle programme is valid from the day of purchase.

The Freedom Circle grid (detailing the time window and credits to be gained) existing at the time of your purchase shall be applicable at the time of you availing the programme.

The Prava credits can be redeemed at any point after receiving them. There is no time limit for redemption.

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